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Przekierowano z Patapon 1 Materiały

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Niniejsza strona jest projektem zawierającym wszystkie materiały w grach Patapon, Patapon 2 i Patapon 3

Lista MateriałówEdytuj

Lista materiałów


Leather Meat (Suszone Mięso)Edytuj


Mamy mówią małym Pataponom: "Jeśli da się strawić, jedz i nie narzekaj". Więc uczą się jeść to mięso.
  — Opis w grze 

Tender Meat (Peklowane Mięso)Edytuj

Lv2 tender meat.png

Patapony uwielbiają to miękkie, pyszne mięso, lecz jadają je rzadko, nawet w dniu urodzin.
  — Opis w grze 

Dream Meat (Miękkie Mięso)Edytuj

Lv3 dream meat.png

Ten słynny przysmak rozpływa się w ustach jak wata cukrowa, lecz Patapony wolą przegryzać coś bardziej konkretnego.
  — Opis w grze 

Mystery Meat (Magiczne Mięso)Edytuj

Lv4 mystery meat.png

W zapisach plemiennych brak wiadomości o tym mięsie. Jak smakuje? A czy to ważne?
  — Opis w grze 

Demon Steak (Stek Demona)Edytuj

Lv5 demon steak.png

Tajemniczy stek o kuszącym zapachu. Kto go skosztuje, będzie przeklęty i zawsze będzie głodny.
  — Opis w grze 


Berara Hide (Skóra Berara)Edytuj

Lv1 berara hide.png

Ciężka i tłusta skóra, obrobiona przez najlepszych rzemieślników z Patapolis.
  — Opis w grze 

Gotsutsu Hide (Skóra Gotsutsu)Edytuj

Lv2 gotsutsu hide.png

Twarda skóra dzikiej bestii, tak gruba, że aby ją zedrzeć ze zwierzęcia w całości, trzeba pracować trzy dni i trzy noce.
  — Opis w grze 

Subebe Hide (Skóra Subebe)Edytuj

Lv3 subebe hide.png

Piękna, delikatna skórka - jedwabisty obiekt pożądania wszystkich Pataponów.
  — Opis w grze 

Mezura Hide (Skóra Mezura)Edytuj

Lv4 mezura hide.png

Wielka rzadkość. Tak wielka, że podobno każdy, kto ją posiądzie, będzie bardzo bogaty.
  — Opis w grze 

Demon Hide (Skóra Demona)Edytuj

Lv5 demon hide.png

Ta skóra ma dziwny odcień, jest połyskliwa i lepka - od samego dotyku można się pochorować.
  — Opis w grze 


Kieł KuneriEdytuj

Lv1 kuneri fang.png

A magnificent, warped fang. It can be shaved down to use as a weapon, and also serves well as equipment.
  — Opis w grze 

Kieł IteteEdytuj

A large sharp fang. It's said that you can know a hunter's true shill by how many of these he's had to remove from his neck.
  — Opis w grze 

Kieł GizazaEdytuj

The tip of this fang contains countless tiny barbs. Anyone pierced by this fang will pay a terrible price trying to remove it.
  — Opis w grze 

Kieł NazozoEdytuj

A fang of dark misterious origins. It is said that whoever possesses this fang will be blessed with great fortune.
  — Opis w grze 

Demoniczny KiełEdytuj

A strange fang from a hideous beast. It warps and bends in an unpleasant fashion before tapering to a sharp point. Considered to very precious.
  — Opis w grze 


Kość MudadaEdytuj

A bone from a small animal, possibly after being killed by a larger animal. They are common in the Grass Village.
  — Opis w grze 

Kość GashirinEdytuj

A large, sturdy bone. It is written that our ancient ancestors once used these bones as weapons.
  — Opis w grze 

Kość DodekaEdytuj

A massive bone that fell after the death of a gigantic monster. In some regions, this huge bone is used as a central pillar in homes.
  — Opis w grze 

Kość OttamaEdytuj

A large, oddly-shaped bone, shrouded in mystery. We don't even know yet what beast it came from.
  — Opis w grze 

Demoniczna KośćEdytuj

A sinister bone. It's rumored that just holding it will make you nauseous. Indispensable for casting curses upon people.
  — Opis w grze 



A common stone, full of impurities, but vital nevertheless.
  — Opis w grze 

Twarde ŻelazoEdytuj

Muck blood has spilled in conflicts surrounding claims to this rare metal according to Zigoton myth.
  — Opis w grze 

Ruda TytanuEdytuj

Legend has it that this tough, lightweight ore was grandled to the Patapons by none other than Almighty.
  — Opis w grze 


This magical metal is the lightest and sturdies of all. It is used to forge divine tools of war.
  — Opis w grze 


A legendary Earth ore. Ranking No. 1 in hardness and shine, it is said that any weapon made from this stone will possess a terrifying power.
  — Opis w grze 


Banal BranchEdytuj

Available in abundance, except when you really need them.
  — Opis w grze 

Cherry TreeEdytuj

According to legend, the ancient colossal cherry trees in the East are resting deities.
  — Opis w grze 


The abode of Almighty was said to be made of this rare, divine hinoki cypress.
  — Opis w grze 

Super CedarEdytuj

Almighty speaks of a legendary island where super cedars eternally watch over the forest.
  — Opis w grze 

Drzewo BowtieEdytuj

Long ago, a lone monk attained enlightenment beneath this massive tree. Its trunk, said to possess a special power, will stay fresh for eternity.
  — Opis w grze 


Eyeball CabbageEdytuj

Every Patapon loves nice, fresh cabbage.
  — Opis w grze 

Crying CarrotEdytuj

These carrots sprout en masse after a brutal battle.
  — Opis w grze 

Predator PumpkinEdytuj

Those who attempt to eat this unique vegetable end up being its prey.
  — Opis w grze 

Hazy ShroomEdytuj

A potent morel that will cause drousiness on all that come across its scent. Accidentally eating one can cause strange baharior!
  — Opis w grze 


Known as the king of fruits, it is said that if you try to eat it, it unleashes a powerful fragrance that puts you to sleep.
  — Opis w grze 


Nasiono KasuEdytuj

An ordinary, easy-to-acquire seed. It will put down sturdy roots in any hind of soil.
  — Opis w grze 

Nasiono YokaEdytuj

A sturdy seed, capable of changing a desert into a flowerbed overnight. Mysterious travelling merchants are said to spread them on their travels.
  — Opis w grze 

Nasiono DekaEdytuj

A massive seed as large as a fist. It's covered with an extremely hard shell, so that no matter how hard you hit it, you can't split it in two/
  — Opis w grze 

Nasiono BibiEdytuj

A twisted seed, covered in countless thorns. The truth is, no one knows where it came from.
  — Opis w grze 

Mater SproutEdytuj

The seed of Mater the Tree of Life. It's extremely precious seed and it's existance is symbol of hope for the Patapon's future.
  — Opis w grze 


Sloppy AlloyEdytuj

This poorly-forged reject alloy still gets the job done.
  — Opis w grze 

Hard AlloyEdytuj

This expertly-forged alloy is a valuable resource.
  — Opis w grze 

Awesome AlloyEdytuj

This exceedengly rare high-quality steel is as precious as gold.
  — Opis w grze 

Magic AlloyEdytuj

A magical alloy forged by Patapon ancestors during the tribe's peak.
  — Opis w grze 

Demon's OreEdytuj

Magical steel, sealed by the ancestor of the Patapon race that flourished in ancient times.
  — Opis w grze 


Familiar LiquidEdytuj

Thin transparent liquid. It doesn't really have a remarkable flavour, but drinking it while you are thirsty will refresh you instantly.
  — Opis w grze 

Hot LiquidEdytuj

Boiling fluid capped by an unsteady mountain of froth. Blow on it before you drink it, or you might end up with severe burns.
  — Opis w grze 

Cold LiquidEdytuj

Liquid that has been chilled too much and is on the point of freezing. Just one sip will chill the body to the core and grant a severe ice cream headache.
  — Opis w grze 

Rainbow LiquidEdytuj

A liquid that reflects the colours of the rainbow when hit by sunlight. Its seven sweet flavours are a pleasure for the palate.
  — Opis w grze 

Demon LiquidEdytuj

The mysterious-coloured vapour that pours from this brew gives it a dangerous atmosphere. Anyone who can stomach it is considered a brave warrior.
  — Opis w grze 

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